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5" Sage Alternative! Pure Rosemary Botanical Incense Stick

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5" Sage Alternative! Pure Rosemary Botanical Incense Stick
5" pure Rosemary Botanical Incense Stick prepared with fragrant rosemary branches and natural brown cotton cord. Each Botanical Incense stick we hand-make is unique, prepared with seasonal, freshly harvested botanicals and thoroughly dried before shipment. All Incense will be dried, ready to burn when received.

When a plant is burned and its life-mirroring essence released with intention, a wave of elemental energy is set in motion. Trees, flowers, herbs and other botanicals symbolize emotions, ideas and actions based on certain botanical and spiritual attributes. These attributes often include petal/leaf size, color, growth patterns, natural environment/habitat, season of abundance, traditional, magical and ritual uses. When Botanical Incense is burned with intention, the essence of the plants is released to bring about or manifest a desired change related to or in cooperation with these botanical attributes. Rosemary is believed to attract faerie and good energies and has traditionally been burned to bring about cleansing, healing and clarity of mind.

Each Botanical Incense Stick by Whatever's Fresh is personally hand-made by us and comprised of flowers, herbs and tree parts seasonally harvested from our gardens and as necessary flowering plants sourced from reputable growers.

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